Apply for Membership

Please use the following definition to determine the type of membership that is appropriate for you. Your organization must fully meet this definition to qualify for Regular membership.

Seniors Centres are facilities that are:

  • located in the Province of Alberta
  • open to the public
  • designed to meet the needs of seniors

Seniors Centres provide community focal points where adults fifty five (55) and over come together for

  • services
  • information
  • programs
  • activities


  • maintain and improve health and quality of life
  • support personal independence
  • encourage involvement in community life

Seniors Centres are governed by an elected community-based Board of Directors or provided by a municipal government.

NOTE: Only one membership will be provided to each incorporated Seniors Centre regardless of the number of sites that it operates.

Membership Application for Alberta Association of Seniors Centres
Members will receive an invoice in the mail following receipt and acceptance of their application.